Canadian Theatre Group (Owns Bonaventure, Pl-Vic, Cote des Neiges, Long.) Buys out Odeon Theatres to become Canadien Odeon.
La Conventum, Brossard 3 Mail Champlain (Odeon),
Ciné-parc Laval to four screens, Ciné-parc Odeon twinned.
La Conventum, Electra, Vidéographie, Cote St Luc, Carrefour (Now Le Spectrum)

Capri to Le Paradis 3 in 1980, Ciné-parc Dollard to 4 screens, Ciné-parc Repentigny to 2 screens, Ciné-parc Vaudreuil to two screens, Atwater to three screens, Ciné-parc Ste Eustache to five screens.
Vendôme, Arlequin, Midi-minuit

Le Milleau, Mascouche 2 (Guzzo), Châteauguay 2, Ouimetoscope 2, Astre 4 St Léonard (Guzzo), Paralle,
Kent to Kent 2, Montréal twinned, CP Boucherville twinned, Versailles third screen added, La Scala to L'Autre Cinéma,Berri to Berri 5, Ciné-parc Châteauguay to three screens.
Canadien, Kent, Bijou, Riviera, Montcalm,

Cineplex 9 at 2001 Université (Cineplex), It closes in 2000

Greenfield Park to three screens, Palace to six screens gutted from one large theatre.,
Click here for an enlargement
Pussycat to L'Amour, Ciné-parc Mont St Hilaire twinned.
Park (Verdun), Monkland, La Scala, Majestic, Pussycat, Cinéma 7e Art, Eros.

New Yorker.
Papineau 2 to Cinéma X 2 and back to Papineau,
Rivoli 2, Viau (Laval), Snowdon, Château 2

Maxi 2, Cartier Laval (Odeon)
Avenue (For a supermarket), Montrose, Cinéma Lumière, New Yorker, Maxi 2

Cineplex buys Canadian Odeon and changes the name to Cineplex-Odeon
Espace 9, Fantaisie, Capitol (St Cathrine E.),
Place Longueuil twinned.
Claremount (Gutted for drugstore), Seville, Crystal, Van Horne, Cote des Neiges twin, The Film Box in St Anne, Montenach 2
Cineplex and Canadien Odeon merges to become Cinéplex Odéon

Café Timenes
Le Beaver to Le Laurier
Monkland, Verdun Palace, Villeray, Mercier, Place Ville Marie 2, CP St Mathieu, Marseille (Repentigny), Le Milleau, Montréal 2, Mascouche 2 (Guzzo says lack of Hollywood product forces him to shut it down.), CP Boucherville, Cartier Laval, Espace 9, Fantasie.

Ermitage 2 (Cinéplex Odéon), La Fourbourg 4 (Cinéplex Odéon)Click here for an enlargement, Carrefour Laval 6 (Cinéplex Odéon)Click here for an enlargement
Versailles 3 to 6 screensClick here for an enlargement, Dorval 3-4 screens.

Champlain 2, Ciné Parc Dollard 4, Ciné Parc Repentigny 2, Café Timenes.

Changes: Capitol to Mon Cinéma to Université, La Cite 3 to Bogart 3  to Cinéma du Parc 3, Cineplex 9 to Centre-ville 9
Kent 2 ,Outremount, York, Jean Talon, Cinéma at Westmount Square, Papineau 2, Rio 2, La' Autre Cinéma, Le Laurier, Ermitage 2.

December 18,1987
Cinéplex Odéon opens the Égyptien 3 in Les Cours Mount Royal, the ad claims that it is Canada's first egyptian cinema However it was the Empress in the 1920's.
Click here for an enlargment

The First IMAX Theatre opens in the Vieux Port, Point Claire 6 (Cinéplex Odéon)

Le Laurier (Demolished), Châteauguay 2, Ciné-parc Vaudreuil twin.

Cinéma du Village (Gay Porno), Cinéma du Plateau 2, Plaza Jean Talon (Famous Players),
Sun Ko Wah (Chinatown)
Changes: Ouimetoscope adds third screen, Le Parisien adds 2 more screens.
Place Du Canada.

Centre Eaton 6 (Famous Players),

Terrebonne 8 (Guzzo)
Omega from 2 to 4, Université to Cinéma Quarter Latin.
Piccadilly, Cinéma de Village, Cinéma Du Plateau 2.

Châteauguay 5, St. Basile 5 (Ciné Entreprise), Cote des Neiges 7 (Cinéplex Odéon),Langelier 6 (Guzzo).
Centre Laval 5 to 12 making it the biggest Famous Players Theatre.
Guy (now dollar store), Plaza Jean Talon.

Concordia Cinéma Conv., Famous Players 8 Pointe Claire,
Elyssee 2 to Festival 2
Fairview 2 (Demolished For Reno Dépôt store), Cinéma V 2 (Fire), Bonaventure 2, Ouimetoscope 3.

Cinéma 6 Boucherville (Cinéplex Odéon), St Thérèse 8 (Guzzo).
Festival 2 to Nouveau Elyssee 2, Châteauguay 5 to 6 screens.
Rialto, Commodore (For a video store), Eve (Fire)

June 11 1993
First Digital Sound installed at Cineplex-Odeon Theatres showing "Jurassic Park"

Place Repentigny 6 (Ciné Entreprises), Lacordaire 7 in place of the Astre 4 (Guzzo), Le Mirage 5 (Ciné Entreprise), Carrefour Angrignon 10 (Built by Ciné Entreprises then taken over by Famous Players), Place Lasalle 12 (Built by Guzzo for Cinéplex Odéon), Galeries Laval 8 (Built by Guzzo for Cinéplex Odéon), Châteauguay Encore 5.
Cinéma Quarter Latin. (Not to be confused with the Cinéplex Odéon Quarter Latin 17).

Cavendish 8 (Cineplex-Odeon), Famous Players 8 Greenfield Park.
Lacordaire 7 to 11 screens, Brossard 3-7 screens.
Cinéma de Paris (heating dispute), Sun Ko Wah, Omega 4.

IMAX Le Alies in Brossard (September 10), Delson 7 (Cinéplex Odéon), Dorion 8 (Cinéplex Odéon)
Cinéma Boucherville 6 to 10 screens, Place Longueuil 2 to 5 screens.
Crémazie, St Basile 5, Le Mirage 5

Cinéplex Odéon Quartier Latin 17 it is the first movie theatre in Canada featuring a bar, Cinéma St Léonard 2.18 $, St Eustache 12 the first multiplex in Canada featuring stadium seating, St Basile 7 (Ciné Entreprise), St Bruno 11 featuring Sightline seating (Cinéplex Odéon)
Châteauguay 6 to Carnival 6.
Odeon Laval Centre 2000, Greenfield Park 3.

Decarie Square 2, Berri 5

June 1998
a major legal debate began on film monopoly. Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo has taken an active part in the struggle pitting the interests of independent movie theatre owners against the giants, Dreamworks (Conscient international), Famous Players, Cinéplex Odéon and Paramount. In July, an injunction was filed in Provincial Court against Dreamworks for their refusal to distribute their films. They have now come to an agreement. Other complaints have been filed against Famous Players and Cinéplex Odéon for disloyal practice, and against Paramount for refusing to distribute their films to Famous Players' competitors. Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo is in charge of this hot, ongoing issue.

July 1998
Cinemas Guzzo Galeries des Sources opens with 10 Stadium style seating Theatres

Oct 1998
Cinemas Guzzo Opens Mega-Plex Taschereau 18 in Greenfield Park, It was the largest movie Theatre in Canada (Until AMC opens the Winston Churchill 24 in Oakville Ontario.) The Theatre features a Carousal ride, bumping cars.

Dec 1998
Cinemas Guzzo Opens Mega-Plex Pont Vieu 16 in Laval.

Ex Centris 3, Mega Plex Guzzo Spheretech 14, Famous Players Paramount 12 + IMAX, Colissee 12
Changes: St Eustache 12 to 16 screens.
Cinéma Paralle, Loews 5

May 14 1999
Cinemas Guzzo opens Mega-Plex Guzzo Spheretech 14 on Cote-vertu in St. Laurent.

June 4, 1999
Softimage founder Dianel Langois opens the Ex-Centris 3 on St. Lawrence at Duluth

June 18, 1999
Famous Players opens the Paramount Theatre inside the old Simpson's building at 977 St. Catherine west, it features 12 screens with THX Certified sound systems and an IMAX Theatre, also has a TechTown arcade, a bar and birthday rooms. Opening films are General's Daughter and Tarzan.

Oct 1999
Notice posted at the Palace for a parking garage to be built on the site

Dec 3,1999
Famous Players opens the Colisee 12 in Kirkland, the Theatre is a round building with 12 screens inside, it is patterned from the Coliseum in Mississauga.

Dec 23, 1999
The Loews 5 shows the last movie: The Fight Club

Mega-plex Guzzo Place Jacques Cartier 14
StarCite Montreal 17
Colossus Laval 18
Palace 6
Dorval 4
Centre Ville 9
Cine 539
Complexe Desjardins 4
IMAX Le Alies (Brossard)
Jan 24, 2000
The Palace 6 shows its last movies, it is to be gutted and become the Metaforia entertainment centre
Also Famous Players Closes down the Dorval 4

Jan 31
The Centre-ville 9 shows its last movies.

March 31, 2000
Le Cinemas Guzzo opens the Mega-plex Guzzo Place Jacques Cartier 14 in Longueuil.

Late Apr 2000, Cine 539 shows its last movies and its later turned into a shop.

April 2000
Cineplex Odeon Closes the 4-screen Complexe Desjardins, reason being that it will cost too much to make the place wheelchair accessable.

October 2000
An enraged patron breaks into the projection booth of Le Parisian and rips the print of Baise-Moi off the projector and walks away with it, damaging the projector and the platter.

Also the IMAX theatre closes in Brossard, the owners claims they cannot have the french verson of Cyberworld 3-D that the Paramount was showing.

November 17, 2000
Famous Players Opens StarCite Montreal 17 and the UFO-shaped Colossus Laval 18 on the same day

During 2000, Famous Players's Paramount Montreal is the busiest theatre in Canada.

AMC Cinemas 22 @ Le Forum  (may)
Cinema Club du Quartier
Cinema Tops
Dorval (reopening)
Le Dalphin to Beaubien
Terrebonne to Mega-Plex Terrebonne 14
Atwater 3
Carrefour Laval 6 (building later demolished for the expansion of the shopping centre)
Complexe Desjardins 4

Les Galleries Laval 8 (Reopened as Cinema Tops 8 on April 6, 2001)
Egypitien 3
Le Faubourg 4
Place Longueuil 5
Point Claire 6
RED=Loews Cineplex closings on Feb 15,2001
January 3, 2001 the Atwater 3 shows its last movies, Cineplex Odeon blames the upcoming AMC Forum 2000, also the Montreal Gazette reports that Famous Players is planning a 10 screen complex to replace Le Parisian at Place des Arts.

Feburary 15,2001 Loews Cineplex goes bankrupt to make way for an Onex takeover. as a result 6 Cineplex Odeon theatres are closed, they are the  Carrefour Laval, Galleries Laval,Egyptien,Le Faubourg,Place Longueuil and Point Claire, also the Le Daulpin 2 is sold to Action Film

April 6, 2001 Cinema Tops opens at the Galeries Laval on a 2nd run discount policy

April 17, 2001 Le Devoir reports that Famous Players will close down the Le Parisian 7 on May 18,2001 leaving no circuit theatres on St Cathrine showing movies in French, this has been denied by Famous Players and the Parisian will remain open until its replacement opens in about 2003

May 4, 2001 Amc opens the AMC Cinemas 22 @ Le Forum

June 30,2001
Famous Players reopens the Dorval 4

August 2001
Concordia University demolished the York Theatre to make room for an expansion.

Sept 7,2001
Famous Players 8 Greenfield Park and Centre Eaton becomes an discount theatre.

October 2001
Le Dauphin is renamed back to Beaubien and will be restored.

Cinema Trimophie

Aug 30, 2002
Work is halted on Mega-Plex Lacordaire, the construction firm, 9111-5960 Quebec Inc.  has no permit.
Nov 2002
Someone stole an payloader from a nearby construction site and crashed it into the Cinema St. Eustache and made off with an ATM machine, but it was empty, arrests were made.

Dec 6,2002
Famous Players installs Messina GSS sensory seats in the biggest cinemas of Colisee, Colossus, Paramount and Starcite, fallowed by the RFGM circuit in Joliette, Sorel and Drummondville.

Feburary 2003
Cinemas Guzzo expands the Lacordare to 16 screens and renames it Mega-Plex Lacordaire.

June 30,2003
Cineplex Odeon closes the Brossard Cinemas at Champlain Mall, the rent was too high, the marquee was moved to Chateauguay Encore, Cineplex plans to build a new cinema in Brossard in 2005.

July 3, 2003
Famous Players closes down the Centre Laval 12, too much completion from the Colossus (Famous Players) and the upcoming Gigantus Guzzo.

Late 2003
Cineplex Odeon becomes Cineplex Galaxy

Nov 24,2004
Digital Projection arrives in Montreal at AMC Forum with Alexander the Great.

Jan 2005
A gym opens at the former Loew's

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